A Propos de Moi

Island Girl…

Whenever I am alone and busy doing something like cooking or working out in a gym, my mind slips back to my childhood days. The fun and carefree chapter of my life, where freedom had been generously spent with my siblings and cousins in the fields. No television, no PlayStation nor PSP, no iPad or iPod, no iPhone nor Blackberry; in other words, no gadgets to keep us away from playing Sipang Takraw, Jackstone, or Chinese Garter on weekdays after school.

We spent our weekend Or summer at the grey shoreline of Pacific Ocean swimming or diving, checking out colourful fishes and seahorses during high tide; and while low tide, we are picking clams and other seashells or catching baby octopus and crabs. It was epic as we don’t usually use anything fancy to capture them. We typically seize the baby octopus and crabs with a fork or just bare hands. Sounds kind of silly, right? Hahaha!! We then picked guavas, cotton fruit or anything edible on the mountain when we got tired of the water. But we still end up cliff diving or swimming in a river or to the lovely waterfall though. Hahaha!!

Missing those days… 😔

-aeL ❤

“Experience had taught me that even the most precious memories fade with the passage of time.” ― Nicholas Sparks, The Wedding