Gamla Uppsala, Sweden -2014

I had a great time exploring the Old Town (Gamla) of Uppsala on my own that I end up following the biking trail up to Gränby.  It was quite a hike, the distance is about 6km and took me an hour or two to reach the destination.  Don’t blame it on my feet.. 😀  I just happen to love what I was seeing, and I have to stop from time to time to hang or to take some photographs.  I loved the Old Town in golden hues! 😍😍

Honestly, I was thinking of walking up to the Uppsala Castle at the time that I saw the tower from afar, but I lost my way and emerged on the other side of the city instead.  😁  I decided to get on a bus up to the centrum (when I saw one) since I can’t seem to find my bearing, I was tired and hungry.  🙃  Wasn’t ready for the long hike, it just happens! 😶

-aeL ❤

You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.  -Paulo Coelho