Malmö, Skåne – 2014

That’s right; I love parks and garden!

I had a great time strolling to the lovely parks of Malmö and was so thrilled to discover the old cemetery at the heart of the city.

-aeL ❤

A walk in the park on a sunny day
Follow the trails, beautiful miles
Seeing nature, seeing strangers
Birds, butterflies flowing endlessly
Squirrels playing, chasing one another”

-Michael Peterson

Slottsparken (The Castle Park) is a modern city park that has water as its main motif. Big stretches of woodland, wonderful views and plenty of park benches characterizes this park. The park used to be a training ground for

the Malmö Household Regiment during the 19th century. The park, which was designed by Edvard Glæsel, was inspired by American everyday parks.

The main library and Slottsmöllan (The Castle Mill) can be found in the Castle Park as well, and a “must” in the park is the sculpture Pegasus by Carl Milles, one of Sweden’s most important sculptors.

The oldest park in Malmö is Kungsparken (The King’ s Park) which lies right in the heart of Malmö. It used to be a burial ground hundreds of years ago but was turned into a park in 1872. Today it’s a romantic park with a number of exotic trees.

The Danish landscape gardener Ove Høegh Hansen had been inspired by English parks and landscape gardening when he designed the park.

When the park officially opened, it was called King Oscar’s park, but it became known as the King’s park, which is a name that has stayed until today.

The biggest park is Pildammsparken, a classic park that is one of its kind in northern Europe. Over 10.000 flowers are planted in the “flower-alley” every year.

The park originates from the Baltic exhibition in 1914.